We believe in law and order, which means we support the police and we hold each other accountable. We believe in the Constitution of this great land and many if not most of us have sworn an oath, which doesn't expire, to protect it. We ask for nothing we can't do or get on our own; we earn our keep. We give respect unsolicited, and demand it in return. We don't all look the same. We don't sound the same and we don't use the toilet the same. We don't need 'support' of others to make our decisions or form our opinons. It isn't strange that we often arrive at the same conclusions, though, as we're people of substance who place our faith in God and acknowledge that He is the Compass that directs our travels. We lead our families from a position of courage and conviction and we do so under the same moral code this nation was braced upon.

We are American. We're told we are outcasts, now, and that our breed is dying.

I suggest that is a lie. I suggest we are legion and still the overwhelming majority of this nation- but many of us live in fear and in false isolation via conditioning of pop culture and concern of being 'cancelled'- our ability to provide for our families destroyed- ostracised and left in despair for simply disagreeing with those across the aisle who have confused the term 'unity' with 'conformity', or 'bigotry' for 'wokeness'.

Here, we speak. We communicate openly and honestly and challenge others to offer well founded response or argument. I ask that we: Be respectful. Be honest with your fellow patriot. Demonstrate integrity with all. Stand your ground. Fear not the games being played out before us like some absurd episode of 'The Twighlight Zone'. We stand together in our hopes we can live in peace even though we may not subscribe to each other's every position. We are still yet stronger than 'they' will ever be, and we will not be pushed aside.

Let this place represent us. Show our fearless pride as Patriots of Honor and Integrity and those who are wholly undaunted by the manipulations of our countrymen who are of lessor character and moral aptitude.

We are NOT and never will be anarchist. We will NOT support insurrection nor lawless rioting as a means to be heard. We are NOT them. Yet, we stand in guard and protect 'the way', even in full recognition it hasn't always been and still isn't perfect. Our endeavor to persevere and through the Grace of God and actions of bold, brave patriots, even through our own often uncomfortable and once bloody 'wrongs righted', allowed us arrival as the greatest nation ever to adorn this planet. That is worth protecting- for ourselves and for our children.

We now observe the very foundations of our experiment in a Constitutional Republic and Governing by Representation under overt attack, and by those seeking to exploit- for their own personal gain and at the cost of later generations- and without regard for those of us who struggled and sacrificed, or still struggle and sacrifice to leave our children something better than we discoverd.

We are Patriots. And, we're Angry.

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Clear the Distraction- Cut to the Chase: They’re Tyrants- ALL of Them.

My GOD, how long will people continue to play these games? How much jerking around will people endure? Has the ability to see beyond the glam expired? I’m thinking yes- truly. I’m thinking “We, as a friggin’ species- are only capable of considering precisely what we’re told to consider”. How is that for development, Mr. Darwin? Critical thinking is dead- and it’s taboo, now, in replacement for other now extinct taboos. It’s destroying us. It’s tearing us up as a nation, as neighbors, and as people who should have long ago grown beyond judgement based on elements that matter only to those seeking to keep us distant. That, is precisely what is happening- we’re being stripped of all common ground- of all unifying enterprise- of anything that has the ability to cause people to look across whatever aisle or expanse that keeps them separated. Speaking of government- Our government- their charter and their rules- those rules exist to control THEM, not US. The Constitution is a document that spells out what limits them- NOT what limits us. Why have we forgotten this? Why have we relinquished this ‘control’ to them? It is the absolute equivalent to allowing children to rule the elementary school, or prisoners to rule the prison… Why do we continue to do this? Hear this and hear…

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Purging the Military of White Supremacist’s and ‘Radical Right Wing’ Persons.

… Who get’s to determine what constitutes either “white supremacist’s” or “radical right wing individuals”? You all know the answer to that. The radical left does, that’s who. Joe Biden’s secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin vowed to root out white supremacy and right-wing radicalism in the ranks, though he provided little detail as to how that would be accomplished. as the loon ‘SARAH SILBIGER’ writes in Vanity Fair So, our nation’s defense is set to be placed on a full stop ‘stay’ whilst radical leftists determine who is a white supremacist and who is a radical right winger… And though this doesn’t shock me it is just as concerning as if it did. I’m pretty well plugged into the ‘radical right wing groups’ spoken of in many circles, though I claim allegiance to none of them. I’m not brazen or arrogant enough to suggest I know them all, and by a far cry, however- I know people who are even better plugged into these activities than I am. Do you want to know what is missing from each of these groups and conversations? a: White Supremacy in a positive light. What isn’t missing is the same subject in negative cast and while using damning language- which is what such a group or ‘groups’ deserve. Point being, IF white supremacy groups were near…

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The BIG Lie

I have chosen for it the most pivotal issue with regards to our modern, post-modern, and post-Christian understanding of the world we all inhabit.  There are two broad generalities in regard to that understanding. Either the secularist understanding:  that whatever is the source of our physical, measurable reality is unguided, undesigned; and without mind, will, or purpose.  That through in endless series of unguided processes involving the interactions of matter, that the conditions became orchestrated for the integration of the information necessary for a self-replicating cell to arise, on at least one planet out of untold billions in the universe (and, it follows by statistical probability, on untold numbers of others, as well).  That the proteins needed to form a code for self-replication continued — again, by mindless, unguided processes — to increase in complexity over time, in response to random genetic mutation and environmental pressure.  And to diversify by those same factors.  And that is the mechanism by which every plant and animal on the face of the earth came to be.  Including you and me.  That is, we are the most complex product of a series of interactions by which microbes became — “evolved” — into men.  The other broad categorical understanding insists that creation requires a creator.  That “everything that HAS A BEGINNING has a cause”.  That…

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How to Have a Rock Solid Faith

Well, guys… I hate to say I told you so.  But I told you so. I told anyone who would listen five, six years ago that this Trump thing ends badly.  For Biblical reasons.  God hates a haughty look, and cannot bless pride and arrogance.  I’ll leave that there. I’ve been saying for years — WAY before Trump — that we were headed for where we are now.  Trump was a reprieve, I’m grateful for it.  But during that reprieve, these Godless miscreants that have seized power just grew more inflamed and rabid and feral and ferocious and deranged.   At any rate — maybe you will listen to me when I tell you that this thing is never going back in the other direction.  America is lost.  It is not coming back.  We are riding a bullet train toward a foregone — and pre-ordained — conclusion.  It’s not a question of how bad it will be.  It is a question of how fast it will get as bad as it will be.  I say that with the caveat that for untold numbers of low-termal, relativist Whateverists, it won’t be that bad at all.  Knowing nothing of a “holiday by the sea” — the Dims have seen to that — they are perfectly satisfied with “making mud pies in a slum”….

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You Have No Right To Be Pissed Off

Watching clips of the most despicable, hateful, lying, miserable people on earth last night — the silver-spooned, soft-handed, soft-headed, soulless, Godless, Marxist Whateverists who present on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc. — as they silence their opposition, and spread lies about the election, as well as those that know it was fraudulent, engineered, and rigged.  The vitriol they express toward (at least) 75 million hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Americans of every ethnicity and background: and then the footage of their cooing in support of the animals that destroyed and burned and looted and pillaged for weeks on end, over the summer — my wife hit the target dead center.  What they want you to know is that if are a normal, ordinary American, who believes in God, biology, private property, minding your own business, the greatness and exceptionalness of this nation, and have enough understanding of history and human nature to know why and how it became so great — then “you have no right to be pissed off”. Lying insurrectionists have stolen your country from you, so that they can take away your livelihood and freedoms?  That’s just too bad, buster.  Shut up and take it.  If you express your outrage, it’s the gulag for you.  If you disapprove of what’s going on; if you’re upset, it’a because you are a…

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So, Who Were Those Rioters at the Capital?

I haven’t seen or heard a lot of discussion on this topic.  I have heard a lot of propagandistic bull crap, from those who do nothing but lie, because “the truth is not in them”. It seems worth looking at. There were tens — if not hundreds — of thousands of ordinary, hard-working, tax-paying American cities on the mall on Wednesday.  A few hundred — I haven’t heard the number; maybe a couple of thousand? — made illegal entry into the Capital itself.  Who were they? Here’s my SWAG (Sophisticated Wild-Ass Guess, as I shouldn’t have to point out): There were at least a few Antifa plants, who were responsible for instigating the mob.  Riling them up.  Being the first to break through fencing.  Either breaking, or provoking people to break, windows, doors etc. My hunch is they then blended back into the crowd, and made a getaway.  It’s what they do. There were Aryan Nation, KKK, White Supremacist radical types.  And their sympathizers.  Throw in some QAnons, I guess.  Really no different than the Antifas.  Same horse, different colors.  Troublemakers, looking for trouble.  And a big moment.  Godless idiots, for the most part (a la Antifa, BLM).  Malcontents, looking for something to fill their God-shaped holes and empty lives). I put these groups at the forefront.  Then there were…

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Politics Follows Theology

Flipped over to YouTube when the BB game became too miserable to keep watching.  Came across a vid by a fellow named Spencer Smith.  Good dude.  I am relaying his observation.  It’s sound. If your theology is effed up — your politics will be, too. That’s why most (so-called) atheists are Leftists. And pretty much all Leftists are atheists. The exceptions are unorthodox (small “o”) Christians.  Their theology is all over the place.  And so is their politics.  You have Catholics (which is composed of many unorthodox, man-made doctrines and traditions) who are hard Left — Pelosi, Biden, Sandi Cortez — and you have Catholics that are solidly conservative.  The new SCOTUS justice, for instance.  The Leftists generally are Catholic in name only.  The conservatives tend toward Evangelical forms of Catholicism.  “Modernist” Christians — those who deny the central doctrines of the faith, but for some (diabolical) reason insist on calling themselves “Christians” — are pretty much exclusively Leftist. Evangelicals, of course, are in opposition to Leftist/Marxist/Darwinist/Relativist madness.  As are Fundamentalists.  The difference between the two is that Evangelicals tend to be more accommodating and tolerant of the Modernists.  Fundamentalists are in open opposition to them. Both tend to find common ground with the Republicans.  And oppose Leftist policies.  Both, obviously, are a shrinking percentage of the electorate. Notice a pattern here?…

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The Generation to Come

You can’t say we weren’t warned:_____________________________ No nation ever had such a Christian beginning as America.  But the American dream has become a nightmare.  The nation we once knew is receding over the horizon.  Oh, America is still a leader among nations alright.  America leads in homosexuality, militant feminism, divorce, the destruction of family values, abortion, political correctness, the occult, and new religions.  Yet what concerns me most is our children and our grandchildren.  How can we preserve a nation they can thank God for?  How can we be one nation under God?  How are we going to keep the American dream alive? The Word of God says there is a spiritual chain between the past and the future, with fathers and grandfathers as links in that chain.  If our children don’t know our roots, if they don’t remember what God made us to be, if they don’t understand what God has done for us, if we don’t teach them the history of God’s work in our nation, then we as Americans are just one generation away from paganism. Friends, you must proclaim our nation’s spiritual history to your children.  You may know very little of the spiritual history of America.  That’s why we have bookstores.  Pay a visit to a Bible bookstore and ask for materials that will help…

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Spiritual, Natural, or Carnal?

1 Corinthians 2-3 First Corinthians 2 and 3 describe three classes of people.  There is the natural man, who “does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (2:14).  There is the spiritual man, who “judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one” (2:15).  And there is the carnal man, who is a “babe in Christ” (3:1).  Friend, you may be a natural person, a spiritual person, or a carnal person.  But you are one of these three.  I want you to understand which of the three you are. The natural man does what comes naturally.  He was born into a natural world.  He has only the first birth.  He hasn’t experienced the second birth.  He is blind to a spiritual world.  He can appreciate church things, but he can’t appreciate spiritual things.  A spiritual message just rolls off his back.  And he is bound to a material world.  He has no capacity for fellowship with God.  He lives a good dog’s life.  He just wants something to eat, a warm place to sleep, a little affection, and a bit of achievement. The spiritual man does what comes supernaturally.  He lives by the Spirit.  He’s been born from above. …