Clear the Distraction- Cut to the Chase: They’re Tyrants- ALL of Them.

My GOD, how long will people continue to play these games? How much jerking around will people endure? Has the ability to see beyond the glam expired? I’m thinking yes- truly. I’m thinking “We, as a friggin’ species- are only capable of considering precisely what we’re told to consider”. How is that for development, Mr. Darwin?

Critical thinking is dead- and it’s taboo, now, in replacement for other now extinct taboos.

It’s destroying us. It’s tearing us up as a nation, as neighbors, and as people who should have long ago grown beyond judgement based on elements that matter only to those seeking to keep us distant. That, is precisely what is happening- we’re being stripped of all common ground- of all unifying enterprise- of anything that has the ability to cause people to look across whatever aisle or expanse that keeps them separated.

Speaking of government- Our government- their charter and their rules- those rules exist to control THEM, not US. The Constitution is a document that spells out what limits them- NOT what limits us. Why have we forgotten this? Why have we relinquished this ‘control’ to them? It is the absolute equivalent to allowing children to rule the elementary school, or prisoners to rule the prison… Why do we continue to do this?

Hear this and hear it plainly: These parties- Democrat and Republican- both of them- all of them- none of them have your best interests in mind.

They instead seek their own gains- and gains YOU are paying for. Because they give lip service to something that interests you, are you willing to forego their incursion into other aspects of our life? Are you willing to give support for one singular issue and abandon interest in another? Are YOU SO IMPORTANT that your vote is for the securing of ONE thing that you hold dear that you take away things that others hold dear? With single issue voters, the answer is yes.. but, they aren’t ‘apart’ from us- everyone is a single issue voter now- it’s just the issue is now either ‘left’ or ‘right’.

Our ‘leaders’ have forgotten they are to represent us not ‘lead’ us. They point toward Trump and call him names, echoed and repeated by the media and popular culture from Hollywood and other entertainment industries. They focus their angst against one man- and call him the catalyst- the vector- the ‘leader’. He is not and never has been. What is he?

He is the person wanting to fill that role- that job- who closest resembles what people want- freedom from incursion into social life and choices, freedom from overbearing regulations, and freedom from government control over almost every aspect of American Life. He is not and was not the names he was called, though he wasn’t and isn’t without soil. He is NOT what ‘we’ would choose if we had our choice- but we didn’t have a choice- we were to select one of two in this two party system and neither of which truly represented us.

Because America lashed out- selected the brash businessman instead of the corrupt hag, we have been assaulted. Being assaulted by Obama and his social engineering which was lauded by the media and pundits wasn’t enough. Listening to his addressing of social concerns and support of enemies of law and order was the beginning of this– and ‘they’ know this. They just want you to forget it.

That brought us Trump. Trump ignited the spoiled children into absolute revolt. It brought on what many perceive as a botched election and one that was never and to this moment fairly reviewed. We’re ‘told’ it was fair. We haven’t seen evidence to the contrary- instead, we’re ‘told’ the accusers have no evidence- and all the while there are mountains of evidence. Yet, this is the nation we’ve allowed. All of this- distraction- doesn’t matter, and neither does anything I’ve offered up until this next bit.

What DOES matter?

It matters that you realize who is in control. THAT is what matters. It matters not the ‘party’- that is just part of the distraction. It matters not what little aspects they dwell on to secure your loyalty- because for every single one they ‘back’ they turn their backs on others which are just as important- as if it’s not a machine that requires health and function from all of it’s parts- they forsake crucial aspects for the gain of extorting another and then cry foul when the isolated and sieged one ‘breaks’. But, having two parties helps as one can blame the other… The most important thing to realize is there are NOT two ‘sides’ within government. There is one singular power in government- the established- and they are corrupt to the core.

It matters who is in control, and the corrupt are in control. It matters hugely when you (or us, as a collective) stand against them by electing the likes of Trump. If you do this? They’ll riot and destroy your property and sense of security. They’ll let free disease and pestilence and debate who is responsible all while it’s not near the concern they pretend- and to cover that they will inflate it as a killer of half a million Americans- when in fact it hasn’t actually killed any more than a seasonal flu does regularly. They will tell you what they want, and if you stand in their way they will cancel you as an individual and leave you to serve as example to others of similar position- not unlike tyrants of old stacking the bodies of their enemies at the gate to serve as warning to transient passer-byers what can happen when you resist them.

So we all sit here and moan, bitch, groan and argue about the things they throw at us to debate. The middle ground is a dead mans zone between them where the majority of the population escaped in fear for their lives or their ability to sustain. And the message that should have been heard has been subverted- hidden- subterfuge- but it is a part of our daily lives now. It is simply and truly “If you stand against us, we will take something you care about- if you continue to stand against us, we will destroy you”. And that is THE message people are ignoring and will not address. It matters not one little bit where you stand on whatever issue, because their system is designed in a manner that you are at odds with one of them no matter what you do. If you want to unite? I mean ‘truly’ unite the American people? There is no greater heresy. There is no greater sin or infraction in their eyes. THAT is the part of the machine that has remained without function since ‘Nixon Lied’ and the ability to gain from division was discovered much more profitable than that of unifying.

Do what the fuck they say, or else. They know better. They care. If you don’t, rioters and pestilence will be set upon you. It is the truth and the only truth in government. Maybe you’ll argue because this truth hurts? Do it on your own time or take it to the forum, and I hope you do- because you’ll come to understand the more you consider what is happening as a smokescreen… A smokescreen that has allowed our elected- elected through democracy and government by representation- to become our RULERS.