How to Have a Rock Solid Faith

Well, guys… I hate to say I told you so.  But I told you so.

I told anyone who would listen five, six years ago that this Trump thing ends badly.  For Biblical reasons.  God hates a haughty look, and cannot bless pride and arrogance.  I’ll leave that there.

I’ve been saying for years — WAY before Trump — that we were headed for where we are now.  Trump was a reprieve, I’m grateful for it.  But during that reprieve, these Godless miscreants that have seized power just grew more inflamed and rabid and feral and ferocious and deranged.  

At any rate — maybe you will listen to me when I tell you that this thing is never going back in the other direction.  America is lost.  It is not coming back.  We are riding a bullet train toward a foregone — and pre-ordained — conclusion.  It’s not a question of how bad it will be.  It is a question of how fast it will get as bad as it will be.  I say that with the caveat that for untold numbers of low-termal, relativist Whateverists, it won’t be that bad at all.  Knowing nothing of a “holiday by the sea” — the Dims have seen to that — they are perfectly satisfied with “making mud pies in a slum”.  

This is the Dimocrat constituency.  “Constituency” will soon be a meaningless word.  “Chattel” would apply more accurately.

All of that to say I find I have nothing more to comment on, as far as our current and future circumstances.  I watch the news, come on here:  and find that all I can do is watch as yes, another outrage of insanity has come to pass.  You check it off as ‘duly noted’ — what else can you do?

Which is not to say I have lost faith.  In fact, my faith is stronger than ever, as I bear witness to the events transpiring.  And needed more than ever, in order to cope with them.

So, I intend to pretty much limit my comments to passing along vital wisdom from my Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible.  Articles that address his profound insights into faith in Jesus Christ.  I hope that some on here will find edification and enlightenment in them.  I would remind my brothers in Christ on here that our Great Commission has been given intense urgency here, late in the 4th Quarter.  It is our purpose and calling to spread the message of salvation, to get as many as we can into the Ark, and make disciples of them.  Because the judgment is definitely coming.  As the framed sampler in the warden’s office in “Shawshank” says:  “and that right soon.”

With that, I turn it over to Pastor Rogers.

“How to Have a Rock-Solid Faith”

Romans 5

A little boy had a horse, and the horse was really just an old, oat-burning nag.  It was decrepit, sway-back, and not much of a horse — really sort of a flea-bitten animal.  One day a man started making fun of the little guy and his horse, but the boy loved the horse very much because they had been pals for a long time.  The man said. “Son, is that horse any good?”  The boy replied “Yes, sir, he’s the best horse in the whole world.”  The man said “Son, he doesn’t look so good.  Can he run fast?”  The boy replied, “no, sir, but he can stand fast.”

I want you to understand how to have a faith that will stand fast.  How to have an anchor that will grip the Solid Rock.  How to put some spiritual steel and concrete in your life — because we live in desperate days.  And God wants to build into you a rock-solid faith, and in Romans 5 He shows us how in four steps.

I want to ask you a question.  When God saves you, what does God give you as a byproduct of that salvation?  Is it peace or tribulation?  The answer is yes.  When God is building into you a rock-solid faith, He’s going top mix in some tribulation.  And that’s the first step:  conversion brings conflict.

Paul said we have been justified by faith.  We have peace with God.  We have access into His grace.  And we “rejoice in hope of the glory of God” (Romans 5:2).  He’s talking about our conversion.  But look at the next verse:  “But we also glory in tribulations” (v. 3).  The word tribulation means “pressure”.  The word was used for crushing grapes to get wine or olives to get oil.  And so God is going to bring pressure into your life because with pressure God can make you a strong saint.  You need conflict, you need tribulation.  But you need to understand that whenever you have trouble and heartache and disappointment, God is over it all.  God is watching over it all.

Second, conflict teaches constancy.  “Tribulation produces perseverance” (Rom. 5:3).  It works patience. Now that’s not the ability to thread a needle or work a crossword puzzle.  No, perseverance means constancy and consistency.  You see, pressure doesn’t make you.  It just reveals what you’re made of.  You may want strength and victory and contentment.  But you won’t have any of those things without first getting perseverance.  You can’t retreat from conflict.  Or resent it.  Or resign yourself to the conflict and give up.  God’s plan for you is to resolve by faith to follow Him.

Third, constancy develops character.  “Tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character” (Rom. 5: 3,4).  This word “character” is used in the Bible to speak of gold that has been tried in the fire and comes out pure.  You see, God is going to put you in the fire of affliction.  Why?  To test you.  The faith that can’t be tested can’t be trusted.  Testing shows how much dross you have in your life, how much sludge there is in the gold ore.  And those impure things need to be burned out of your life.  Just think of the times you’ve grown the most.  Haven’t they been when you’ve passed through sorrow and pressure and trouble; rather than those times when everything seemed to be going fine?  I know that has been true in my own life.

Lastly, character gives confidence.  “We also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;  and perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Rom. 5: 3,4).  What does the Bible mean by “hope”?  It doesn’t mean “maybe so”.  It means rock-solid faith.  Confidence.  The knowledge that you have been through the fire.  That God has not failed you.  That He has kept His word.  That nothing can separate you from His love.

Friend, conversion brings conflict, conflict teaches constancy, constancy builds character, and character enables us to trust God in the darkest storm.  Aren’t you glad you can have a rock-solid faith?   

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