Politics Follows Theology

Flipped over to YouTube when the BB game became too miserable to keep watching.  Came across a vid by a fellow named Spencer Smith.  Good dude.  I am relaying his observation.  It’s sound.

If your theology is effed up — your politics will be, too.

That’s why most (so-called) atheists are Leftists.

And pretty much all Leftists are atheists.

The exceptions are unorthodox (small “o”) Christians.  Their theology is all over the place.  And so is their politics.  You have Catholics (which is composed of many unorthodox, man-made doctrines and traditions) who are hard Left — Pelosi, Biden, Sandi Cortez — and you have Catholics that are solidly conservative.  The new SCOTUS justice, for instance.  The Leftists generally are Catholic in name only.  The conservatives tend toward Evangelical forms of Catholicism. 

“Modernist” Christians — those who deny the central doctrines of the faith, but for some (diabolical) reason insist on calling themselves “Christians” — are pretty much exclusively Leftist.

Evangelicals, of course, are in opposition to Leftist/Marxist/Darwinist/Relativist madness.  As are Fundamentalists.  The difference between the two is that Evangelicals tend to be more accommodating and tolerant of the Modernists.  Fundamentalists are in open opposition to them.

Both tend to find common ground with the Republicans.  And oppose Leftist policies. 

Both, obviously, are a shrinking percentage of the electorate.

Notice a pattern here?

The biggest, and growing, political bloc are the incoherent, inconsistent, incohesive, irrational Whateverists.  Those that believe in something, nothing, anything, everything — Whatever — as long as it’s not the God of the Bible.

This is nothing new, of course.  But it does explain how, and why, we’ve come to the awful place we are now.  

And it’s not going to get any better.  It never will.  Not this side of Christ’s triumphal return.

Trump’s theology was incoherent.  And that’s why…

Biden’s is worthless.  And therefore…

Rough times ahead.  Major disruptions.  But they will only last until the real power that controls this world exerts its total control.  

Then, there will be peace.  For awhile.

But not the peace of the courageous free.  Rather, the peace of the oppressed conquered.  China’s society is rather peaceful, is it not?

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