Purging the Military of White Supremacist’s and ‘Radical Right Wing’ Persons.

… Who get’s to determine what constitutes either “white supremacist’s” or “radical right wing individuals”?

You all know the answer to that. The radical left does, that’s who.

Joe Biden’s secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin vowed to root out white supremacy and right-wing radicalism in the ranks, though he provided little detail as to how that would be accomplished.

as the loon ‘SARAH SILBIGER’ writes in Vanity Fair

So, our nation’s defense is set to be placed on a full stop ‘stay’ whilst radical leftists determine who is a white supremacist and who is a radical right winger… And though this doesn’t shock me it is just as concerning as if it did.

I’m pretty well plugged into the ‘radical right wing groups’ spoken of in many circles, though I claim allegiance to none of them. I’m not brazen or arrogant enough to suggest I know them all, and by a far cry, however- I know people who are even better plugged into these activities than I am. Do you want to know what is missing from each of these groups and conversations? a: White Supremacy in a positive light. What isn’t missing is the same subject in negative cast and while using damning language- which is what such a group or ‘groups’ deserve.

Point being, IF white supremacy groups were near as threatening as suggested by the radical left, it would be safe to say we would see a lot more of them. I mean, hell, we don’t even see the freakin’ Klan- hooded or not- anywhere and skinheads may have small collections in rural and/or far-flung areas, they are FAR from ‘influential’ to the ‘right wing’ groups I actually am familiar with (or better said know people who are familiar with).

Synopsis: they don’t exist. Groups spoken of as such a threat to America are a pure concoction of the progressive left. Unless you count more than ’20’ as a group, they are wholly vacant within this nations borders.

Now is a good time to state, as said many times but purposely ignored or wholesale denied: The Klan? Skinheads?….. they’re LEFT wing groups, NOT of the values Christian Conservatives practice, and not of the values of even the unstable-on-the-verge-of-collapse-republican-in-name-only ‘groups’ aka ‘party’.

That exhausted, it leaves ‘Radical Right Wing’ to be dispelled from the ranks of our nations military.

Who decides this descriptor? Their voting records? Their peers? Their genetics or dialect/accent?

This… this is pure and simple purging of the ranks of Patriots who would stand in the way of a political party’s intentions. This isn’t different than other banana republics who overthrew their government. What makes these liberal/progressive loons think this is different than Mao, Castro, Chavez, Stalin, freakin’ HITLER?

Things I’ve learned: when a liberal says ‘they aren’t’, then, they most certainly are; when they make accusations against their opposition it is them who are doing precisely that; Liberals accusing conservatives as a singular group of all these names, from homophobic through misogynism, and landing on racists, it is but a perfect reflection of them… It is ‘THEY’ who are these things.

I’m wicked and completely tired, and I’m sure others are too, of even trying to explain or describe or differentiate these things with the liberal loons I interact with. It is absurd. We are NOT defined by their manipulative labels. We are FAR from these accusations.

So what is the purpose of these schemes?

“Boy, if someone is trying to get an emotional response from you, it’s a certainty they’re trying to manipulate you. Truth stands on it’s own, survives any and all logical scrutiny, and doesn’t require your little feelings being tickled to sway your opinion”


Their scheme, by my reckoning, is to demonize and ostracize those they have determined are threats to their intents. Divide, and conquer. “These people are threats to our nation (read: party)”. So long as they sway the soft of mind and weak of constitution, and get them to believe (read: ‘feel’) these people are threats, they can neutralize them as threats by destroying their lives. I hope to mean that figuratively, but, I’m just not so sure anymore if it is.

And it’s happening right in front of us in the clear open. And nobody has the testicular fortitude to even mention this?