So, Who Were Those Rioters at the Capital?

I haven’t seen or heard a lot of discussion on this topic.  I have heard a lot of propagandistic bull crap, from those who do nothing but lie, because “the truth is not in them”. It seems worth looking at.

There were tens — if not hundreds — of thousands of ordinary, hard-working, tax-paying American cities on the mall on Wednesday. 

A few hundred — I haven’t heard the number; maybe a couple of thousand? — made illegal entry into the Capital itself.  Who were they?

Here’s my SWAG (Sophisticated Wild-Ass Guess, as I shouldn’t have to point out):

There were at least a few Antifa plants, who were responsible for instigating the mob.  Riling them up.  Being the first to break through fencing.  Either breaking, or provoking people to break, windows, doors etc.

My hunch is they then blended back into the crowd, and made a getaway.  It’s what they do.

There were Aryan Nation, KKK, White Supremacist radical types.  And their sympathizers.  Throw in some QAnons, I guess.  Really no different than the Antifas.  Same horse, different colors.  Troublemakers, looking for trouble.  And a big moment.  Godless idiots, for the most part (a la Antifa, BLM).  Malcontents, looking for something to fill their God-shaped holes and empty lives).

I put these groups at the forefront. 

Then there were the followers.  Not-the-sharpest-knife-in-the-drawer, good ol’ boy, redneck types.  “Hold my beer and watch this” types.  And my guess is:  there was a considerable amount of beer involved.  I’ve never broken into the Capital.  But I’ve done a lot of whack sh*t with a belly full of beer.  Most of you have, too.  Am I right?  My boys and me used to get good and liquored or beered up, just to see what would happen.  Something always did.

This contingent was just looking for a good story to tell.  “Remember that time we busted into the Capital?  Damn, son!”  Don’t get me wrong.  They were — are — pissed as hell.  Justifiably so.  But they were followers.  “Hey — they’re going into the building!  Let’s go!”  These are the otherwise solid, working men who the radicals were there to rile up.

Mission accomplished.

And then I saw what looked to be a lot of just sort of curious tag-alongs.  Bringing up the rear.  Mostly unaware, perhaps, of how intense it was getting on the front lines.  The “What’s going on?” crowd.  “Let’s go see”.

“See”, as opposed to “act”.  JG mentioned them, and I’ve now seen the video, of them milling along between the velvet ropes, like tourists.

So that’s how I break it down.

An awesome, peaceful demonstration of the will of the people to resist the true subversive insurrectionists.  Who have seized the opportunity provided by radicals to bring the iron curtain of oppression down on their political enemies.  Which is anyone who is God-fearing, law-abiding, tax-paying, and who understands the reality of history, human nature, biology, and the sinfulness of man.  Who understands that the purpose of government is to protect the people from evil, not foster it with Godless Marxism, expressed in lies, deception, and fraud.

There may be as many as 100 million people who fall into that “camp”.  They are white, black, brown, latino, yellow, and red. 

That is a large nation.

Anything can happen next.

God help us, provide for us, protect us, and keep us. 

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