The Generation to Come

You can’t say we weren’t warned:

No nation ever had such a Christian beginning as America.  But the American dream has become a nightmare.  The nation we once knew is receding over the horizon.  Oh, America is still a leader among nations alright.  America leads in homosexuality, militant feminism, divorce, the destruction of family values, abortion, political correctness, the occult, and new religions.  Yet what concerns me most is our children and our grandchildren.  How can we preserve a nation they can thank God for?  How can we be one nation under God?  How are we going to keep the American dream alive?

The Word of God says there is a spiritual chain between the past and the future, with fathers and grandfathers as links in that chain.  If our children don’t know our roots, if they don’t remember what God made us to be, if they don’t understand what God has done for us, if we don’t teach them the history of God’s work in our nation, then we as Americans are just one generation away from paganism.

Friends, you must proclaim our nation’s spiritual history to your children.  You may know very little of the spiritual history of America.  That’s why we have bookstores.  Pay a visit to a Bible bookstore and ask for materials that will help you teach this spiritual history.

I don’t know what God is going to do with America.  I don’t know whether the republic that was born in 1776 will survive.  But one thing I do know is that Jesus Christ is King of the universe and He’s King of the ages.  I’ve given my heart to Him.  And I’m going to teach my children and grandchildren, the generation to come, that no matter what happens, if they will know and love Jesus, ultimately, it will be all right.

The above is from the Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible.  It is a condensation of one of his sermons, and appears in conjunction with Psalm 78, my daily reading from yesterday (and so timely to our current circumstances that it qualifies as what I call a “linkage” — because “‘coincidence’ is not a kosher word”).

The copyright on the Bible is 2009.  Pastor Rogers passed away in late 2005.  I would guess these comments are around 20 years old.  I KNOW they were prophetic.

The nation has not heeded Rogers’ advice.  Not in large enough numbers, anyway.

The “generation to come” has given us Antifa, BLM, Sandy Cortez, a drag queen freak in the cabinet, and a soon-to-be POTUS whose sole qualification for office is the color of her vagina.

And a government so illegitimate in its agenda, that the only way they can maintain power is through totalitarian control.

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