You Have No Right To Be Pissed Off

Watching clips of the most despicable, hateful, lying, miserable people on earth last night — the silver-spooned, soft-handed, soft-headed, soulless, Godless, Marxist Whateverists who present on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc. — as they silence their opposition, and spread lies about the election, as well as those that know it was fraudulent, engineered, and rigged.  The vitriol they express toward (at least) 75 million hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Americans of every ethnicity and background:

and then the footage of their cooing in support of the animals that destroyed and burned and looted and pillaged for weeks on end, over the summer —

my wife hit the target dead center.  What they want you to know is that if are a normal, ordinary American, who believes in God, biology, private property, minding your own business, the greatness and exceptionalness of this nation, and have enough understanding of history and human nature to know why and how it became so great —

then “you have no right to be pissed off”.

Lying insurrectionists have stolen your country from you, so that they can take away your livelihood and freedoms?  That’s just too bad, buster.  Shut up and take it.  If you express your outrage, it’s the gulag for you.  If you disapprove of what’s going on; if you’re upset, it’a because you are a racist white supremacist.  An “insurrectionist”.  No different from those who broke into the Capital.  If you were there on that day, even if you were half a mile away — you will be dealt with.  We have facial recognition.

You only have the right to be pissed off over anything if you’re black, gay, or liberal.

Now shut up while we de-platform you.

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